Winners of CHSG’s Annual Awards 2014

The Group’s Annual Awards event on Thursday 27thMarch 2014 held at the Radisson Blu Portman Hotel in London was once again a great success and very well attended!  The guests were entertained by Caspar Berry who is a motivational speaker and a professional poker player and advisor on Casino Royale.  Caspar concluded his presentation with an invitation to all the guests for a game of poker. 

We would like to thank all of our sponsors for supporting this event.

Training Achievements

The training achievements are based on student throughput during the year and companies who have used the services of the Group.

CHSG would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the following companies for their contribution and commitment to safety training in the industry.

  • Ardmore Construction Ltd

  • BAM Construct Ltd

  • Bouygues UK Ltd

  • Ferrovial Agroman (UK) Ltd

  • Lovell Partnerships Ltd

  • Morgan Sindall Plc

  • St George Central London Ltd

CHSG has fairly unique place in the training world because we are a charitable organisation; we try very hard to reach out and provide excellent training to the smaller and medium size businesses and it is one of these companies that this year has won the training award.  Wooldridge Construction, for the size of the business and length of membership, has undertaken a significant commitment in training over the past year. 

Shirley Parsons Associates
presenting the Training
Award to Wooldridge Construction Ltd.



Chairman’s Special Award

This award was sponsored by All Day Safety Services and was presented to Philip White (Health & Safety Executive) in recognition and appreciation of the valuable and outstanding support he has given to the Group over the years. 

All Day Safety Services Ltd and Alex Wood, Group Chairman
presenting the award to Philip White
(Health & Safety Executive)





Silver Safety Award

The Silver Safety Award, which was sponsored by JSP Ltd, is given to a person who has given a great deal with respect to Health & Safety both to colleagues and the greater Health and Safety fraternity.

This year the award was presented to Bob Hackett, who has given a lot to CHSG, in attending courses, supporting the Group and giving up his own time to the Board of Trustees.

JSP Ltd presenting the award
to Bob Hackett







The Beaumont Safety Trophy – Winners

The Beaumont Safety Trophy, which was sponsored by Bouygues UK, is awarded annually for the individual or company for the best new device or method of working initiated for preventing accidents in the Construction Industry. 
This year, the standard of entries for the Beaumont Trophy has been incredibly high and so the decision that the judging team had to make was that much more difficult.   

We had a team of judges that included an external Health and Safety Professional as well as Board members.

We have graded the final entries in 3 groups.

SafeTime Ltd have developed a real time inspection device which brings more of the safety monitoring requirements in the 21st century.  The Safetime device means that this small piece of equipment which “lives on site” is a device which provides an inspection tool and visual display device.  This small but perfectly farmed device is a really clever tool that can give many of us peace of mind and a means of checking site activity performance from our offices. 

 Beaumont Safety Trophy Winner 2013
Bouygues UK presenting the The Beaumont 
Safety Trophy to SafeTime Ltd  






Brickworker Ltd designed and developed a really neat jig that can be used to safely cut bricks and pavers on site.  They approached Andreas Stihl Ltd.   

JSP Ltd have identified a technical innovation to overcome the problem of face fitting checks.  JSP have developed a checking mechanism that is built into the mask encouraging wearers to check themselves.

Mace Ltd have developed an effective communication system to visually display their Health and Safety messages to all staff.  The unified approach makes the information clear, easy to understand and ensures that everybody can clearly identify not only with the message but the whole underlying ethos of what the company wants to impart to its workforce.  

Bouygues UK presenting Brickworker Ltd, JSP Ltd
& Mace Ltd their Commended awards






GKR Scaffolding Ltd won the scaffolding package for The Shard – in itself a great achievement but once working here they recognised if they were to eliminate the risk of falling scaffolding tools and then fittings this would be of huge benefit to the whole industry not just GKR.  GKR have come up with an effective washer system at 30p a time which does a safe job, at a commercially acceptable price.

McGee Group Ltd have developed a real time recording piece of equipment that is moveable and provides a simultaneously visual indicator for noise.  It is also a quick and visual means to alert your operator/employees of hearing protective zones.

Ramtec Electronics Ltd have designed a wireless fire alarm system – the only Cat 1 system of its kind out in the market place.  A number of people attended the CHSG Annual Dinner use this on their construction sites and choose it for its excellent performance.  It is also robust enough to cope with a variety of harsh environments constructions sites throw at it on a daily basis. 

Bouygues UK presenting GKR
Scaffolding Ltd, McGee Group Ltd &
Ramtec Eletronics Ltd their
High Commended awards