Safe Use of Cranes Course


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Course Aims

To provide site management with sufficient knowledge to monitor lifting operations with cranes being carried out on site.

Course Objectives

Delegates will gain understanding of legislation and ACOPs that apply to lifting operations using cranes and be able to review work methods to ensure contractors are working in line with legislation and ACOPs.

This course will meet the needs of organisations who use cranes on their projects, and have responsibility for their safe use, and wish to gain an overview of the legislation and standards that apply to these operations to help them check that lifts are being carried out safely.

The course will cover the main legal duties placed on the organisation who require the lift to be carried out (Employing Organisation) along with an overview of lifting operations in general.  We cover the main requirements for the contractors you employ to carry out the lifts for you including reviewing of method statements, risk assessments and lift plans that should be provided for all operations.  This will assist you in ensuring your contractors are meeting current industry standards.

Also covered is a general appreciation of what a crane is and what it is designed for, as well as more technical areas such as ground loading considerations and support, the influence of wind on a crane and load capacity charts.  We also take a look at the slinging of loads to identify some of the critical areas that should be considered when carrying out lifts, ensuring suitable accessories are used safely within designed safe working loads.

This course is not designed to provide sufficient information to be able to plan, supervise or carry out lifts directly and further detailed training courses are available in all areas if this is your requirement.

Course Content

  • Lifting team
  • Types of lifting equipment
  • Crane terminology and crane types
  • Duty Charts and related capacity indicators (RCI)
  • HASAWA 197 & MHASAWA 2005
  • Influence of wind DVD
  • PUWER & LOLER 98
  • Slinging Methods
  • Final Assessment

Course Duration

One day


Upon successful completion the delegate will receive certification.

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