NEW BOHS Course – Certificate in Controlling Health Risks Construction

The Health & Safety Executive has finalised its Health & Work strategy for the next 3 – 5 years.
This confirms that occupational health issues will be priority.  There have also been an increasing number of prosecutions in support of that strategy.  The industry is increasingly focused on health risks and to support this BOHS has launched its Certificate in Controlling Health Risks in Construction (CCHR/C) course.

We are delighted to announce that CHSG will be offering this one-day BOHS course which has been designed to give site supervisors and site managers an understanding and awareness of the health hazards they could come across on a construction site, such as dusts, noise and gasses.  It informs them about the most common health risks associated with construction work, and how to control these risks in order to reduce workplace ill health for themselves and their colleagues.


The primary aim of the course is to provide the students with an awareness of the potential health hazards on a construction site, the task that produce them and the subsequent ill health effects that they can cause.  The course specifically focuses on ways to control these health hazards in order to protect worker health.

Entry requirements:

There are no educational entry requirements, but students are strongly recommended to complete the online pre-reading module, in order to give them a basic understanding of the different health hazards on construction sites.  Students will need access to a computer or mobile device.

Level of course:

This course is set at level 2, comparable to the NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Qualification.

Structure and Content:

The course is structured into two modules: an online pre-reading module (Module 1)  and a one day taught module (Module 2).

Module 1: Identifying health hazards on construction sites

Students are strongly recommended to complete the online pre-reading module before attending the one day taught course.  This will ensure that all students attendin

g the course have a similar level of understanding of health hazards on construction sites before attending the taught course. The course can be accessed once your booking has been confirmed.

Module overview

The module teaches students how to identify the health hazards on construction sites, and the ill health effects caused by different health hazards.

Learning outcomes
Upon completion of the online module, students should:

  • Understand the health aspect of health and safety and the role of occupational hygiene.
  • Be able to identify the main health hazards on a construction site, and the work processes that cause them.
  • Know how to identify the health effects caused by a hazardous substance or work process
  • Understand more about the long-term health effects and diseases that can be caused by certain work processes on a construction site.

Module content

The online module includes the following sections:

  • What is health?
  • Overview of health hazards
  • Overview of hazardous substances
  • Identification of hazardous substances
  • Skin hazards
  • Construction dusts – silica, asbestos and wood dust
  • Noise
  • Vibration
  • Musculoskeletal hazards

Learning time

The online module will take approximely two hours, although candidates may stop and start as often as they wish.


To test the candidate’s learning, there is an End of Module quiz at the end of the module, which comprises of fixed response questions (e.g. multiple choice, fill in the gaps, mix and match exercises).  There is also a terminology quiz at the end of the hazardous substances section.

It is not compulsory for students to complete the quizzes, although it his highly recommended they do so in order to consolidate their learning.

Module 2: Controlling health risk in construction

This is the one day taught course, which runs as face-to-face classroom learning.  This includes a multiple-choice examination at the end of the course.

Module objectives

Students will learn about the different health risks present on construction sites, and the control methods they can use to mange these health risks.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the taught course, candidates will:

  • Understand the importance of controlling health risks on construction sites.
  • Understand the role that occupational hygiene plays in managing these risks.
  • Be able to identify health risks and their potential significance for common construction work processes
  • Be able to identify chemical-based hazardous substances by using the information on labels and safety data sheets.
  • Be able to identify appropriate control options for common constructions work processes
  • Be able to identify where expert help is needed.

Module content

The module is structured into six sections.

Health risks on construction sites:

  • What is a health Risk?
  • The size of the problem
  • Overview of managing health risks
  • Overview of risk assessments
  • Hazards vs. risk

Chemical hazards:

  • Sources of chemical hazards
  • Review of chemical hazards
  • Brought-in harzards
  • Sources of information for hazards
  • Process-generated hazards
  • Skin hazards

Physical hazards

  • What is noise?
  • How loud is too loud?
  • Overview of vibration
  • How much vibration is too much
  • Overview of ultraviolet radiation (UV)

Ergonomic hazards

Overview of ergonomics

Principles of control

  • Overview of controlling health risks
  • Overview of ventilation systems
  • Skin hazards
  • Noise control
  • Vibration control

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Overview of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Application of PPE
  • Selecting RPE
  • Selecting Chemical Protective Gloves
  • Managing PPE


Delegates who pass the course will receive the Certificate in Controlling Health Risks on Construction Sites


23rd January 2018
24th April 2018
8th May 2018
30th July 2018
18th September 2018
7th November 2018


£275 members
£310 non-members

This fee includes £100 for the online pre-reading module, a reference book and examination.

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