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The courses below are held at the John Ryder Training Centre, Chertsey Surrey KT16 9DG

8/9 August 2017
6/7 September 2017
4/5 October 2017
15/16 November 2017
5/6 December 2017

This two day course is designed to assist those on site who have responsibility for managing all forms of  temporary works.  It is also designed to give confidence to senior management and those who engage with contractors, to reach an assessed standard of  knowledge.  The course has the support of a number of organisations:  Temporary Works Forum, CECA, UKCG, HSE and FMB.  The support of these organisations offers transferability of the course within industry.

The course gives emphasis throughout, to the importance of communication, co-ordination, co–operation and competency (the ‘4Cs’), risk management, safety and business relations.

The course allows the Temporary Works Co-ordinators (TWC) to:

  • Understand the need for and duties of a Temporary Works Co-ordinator
  • Understand the role of others
  • Have a detailed knowledge and understanding of BS5975 in respect of this role
  • Identify the different types of Temporary Works

Temporary works are usually safety and business-critical and require careful co-ordination.  An  accepted way of achieving this is through the adoption of the management process outlined in the BS5975 which introduces the Temporary Works Coordinator as a key figure.  This course explains the role and the overall management context within which it sits.  High risk can occur on small as well as  larger sites hence understanding the essentials of good safety risk  management, as outlined in BS5975, is relevant for projects of all sizes.


The course gives emphasis throughout to:

  • The importance of communication, co-ordination, co-operation and competency.  The ‘4Cs’
  • Risk management: safety and also business related


Course Duration:

Two days



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