Monthly General Meeting – 18 July 2018


  • Use of UAV’s (Drones) 


  • Dean Overton, Over Drones Ltd 

” We have all heard of the exciting ways that drones can and are changing peoples’ lives in many industries.  In the construction sector – with its notoriously poor productivity record – the opportunities for this disruptive technology are vast.  Can they be used, though, in a safe working environment?

In our presentation, we will touch on some of the ways that Overdrones, one of the longest established drone operating companies in the UK, can help with both complex, city centre visual surveys as well as 3D photogrammetric modelling of both buildings and topography – acting as a specialist air component, working with your surveyors.  More importantly, with our own, ultra safe, uniquely designed RTK octocopter (on display on Wednesday), we can show that only this type of specialist drone – with its “airliner level” safety and accuracy – can deliver real commercial savings to your business, whilst at the same time enhancing your company’s health and safety reputation.”


Breakfast bacon butties from 8.15am
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