Heather Bryant Joins As Chief Inspector of Construction

Heather Bryant has joined as Chief Inspector of Construction.

The post of chief inspector of construction is influential within HSE and the industry and it involves heading a division of 260 specialist inspectors, policy officials and support staff.Despite significant improvements in recent years, construction remains one of Britain’s most dangerous industries – 49 people were killed and 2,884 seriously injured in 2011/12.

Heather Bryant said:

“Construction is one of Britain’s most important industries and employs a huge number of people.  All of these people have a basic right to return home safe and well from their day’s work.  To its credit, the sector has already been making good progress in reducing the number of people killed, injured or made unwell by its activities.  We must continue that momentum, working with others to be part of the solution.  I am looking forward to working with the whole industry to ensure that progress continues and our regulations are properly focused on dealing with real risks, not needless process and paperwork.”