About Us

The Construction Health & Safety Group is a nationally recognised
training provider

Construction Health & Safety Group (CHSG), established in 1952 with charitable status, are a nationally recognised and respected provider of training and support to the Construction and Associated Industries.

We run a wide variety of accredited face-to-face and remote training courses and, where appropriate, we provide tailor-made courses for more bespoke needs. In 2022 we launched the Fire Safety Academy and now have a growing number of accredited fire courses specifically aligned to the Construction sector.

Our members receive a number of benefits, including (but not limited to); discounted training courses, access to industry resources, seminars, meetings, webinars, podcasts and they contribute, through their membership, to our charitable activities.


CHSG's Aims

Our aim is to protect and preserve occupational health and safety in the Construction and Associated Industries, by continuously improving our training provision to meet industry requirements in new and innovative ways, and develop co-operation to enable the transfer of knowledge and skills in the industry and foster a working relationship between industry bodies, government and workers in matters concerning health and safety, including fire safety.

We have launched our

CHSG Fire Safety Academy

Our CHSG Fire Safety Academy was developed in response to Industry requirements and provides a wide range of fire safety training courses for the Construction & Associated Industries. 

CHSG John Ryder Training Centre Front View

Meet the CHSG Team

Discover the team behind the organisation. From the Board of Directors to the staff who manage the day-to-day running of the centre.