The McCullough Cup Award

About The Award

The McCullough Cup Award is based around the best use of new/current technology or computer software in a way that influences improvements to health and safety standards. It can be related to safety, health, wellbeing or any combination of those themes.


Previous Winners

1971/ 72 – Wates Ltd

1972/73 –  Wates Ltd 

1975/ 76  – Mills Scaffolding Co Ltd 

1976/77 – Haymills Contractors Ltd 

1977/78 – Tilbury Contracting Group Ltd 

1978/79 – Haymills Contractors  Ltd 

1979/80 – Wates Ltd 

1980/81 – Costain (UK) Ltd 

1982/83 – Wimpey Group Services Ltd 

1983/84 – Richard Costain Ltd 

1991/92 – L V Tanner 

Entry Form

Fill in this form and upload your entry, or email CHSG at with your documentation and the entry form.

For any questions email CHSG at, or call the office on 01932 561871.

Conditions of Entry

Rule 1. The McCullough Cup shall be competed for annually, the presentation to take place at the following Annual General Meeting or Group Dinner or other appropriate occasion as decided by the Group.  A commemoratory photograph shall be presented by the Group to the winning competitor, to be held permanently. 

Rule 2. Competitors shall submit a paper of original thought of not less than 2000 and not more than 4000 words on a subject related to Safety, Health and/or Welfare matters in the Construction Industry.  The award entries will not necessarily be expected to meet all the following criteria but they will be judged against: 

(a) innovative use of technology, IT platforms and/or software that is intended to improve standards of safety, health or wellbeing.
(b) use of social media based applications
(c) the use of technology that provides a means of educating the construction industry workforce in matters of health, safety & wellbeing (d) the means by which the technology is intended to demonstrate/drive an improvement in health & safety standards
(e) innovation around the subject matter/topic
(f) technology solutions that don’t have the need for vast capital expenditure, thus being useable by as wide a construction audience as possible 

Rule 3. The cup will awarded to the individual/group submitting the paper considered to be the most deserving by the Adjudicating Panel.

Rule 4. Entries will be accepted from:-

(a) individuals employed in the Construction Industry
(b) students studying for a career in the Construction Industry at further  education establishments
(c)  employees of organisations whose business activities are connected or associated with the Construction Industry.

Rule 5. The Adjudicating Panel shall be made up from members of the Board of Directors  of the Construction Health and Safety Group.

Rule 6. The Adjudicating Panel reserve the right to withhold the award if, in its opinion, the best submission is not of sufficient merit to warrant the presentation of an award.

Rule 7. The entrant must agree for to the publication of all or part of the winning presentation.

Rule 8. While every care will be taken of entries, the Group cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage, however caused.  Entrants should therefore refrain from sending original documents wherever possible.

Rule 9. All decisions of the Adjudicating Panel concerning this competition shall be given by a majority vote and shall be final and binding upon all entrants.

Rule 10. All entries shall be submitted to the Secretary so as to be received not later than 20th April 2020.

Rule 11. These rules may be amended at any time by notice signed by the Co-Chairs of the Construction Health and Safety Group.