Building Safety

BSI Flex 8670: v2.0 2020-12; Built environment – Overarching framework for building safety competence of individuals – Specification

Tuesday 2 February 2021 is the closing dates for consultation for the 2nd version of this document.

This document is the 2nd version of BSI Flex 8670. After receiving comments during the last consultation, the Advisory Group reached consensus and the outcome has been adopted in the standard. You can find out more about the BSI Flex Standards here

The overarching competence framework is part of the framework of documents BSI is developing to raise the standards of competence across the built environment. This particular specification is for everyone working on a building and is intended for use by designers, contractors, fire risk assessors, building managers and other specialist technical or corporate roles. 

Core principles of competence are set within this overarching framework and include; leading and managing safety, communicating safety, delivering safety, risk management, regulations & processes, building systems, ethics, and fire/life safety. 

This framework will provide a shared understanding, standardised and agreed core principles, terminology and requirements on competence across the build environment industry, allowing professionals to work more effectively together. 

Alongside improving the building safety for the residents, workforce and emergency responders, this framework will also provide a bridge to wider competence requirements across the built environment, raising the quality of work and working culture within the industry. 

Building Safety

All comments must be submitted electronically by 2 February 2021.

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