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BSI Identify – Product Traceability

Helping to solve the challenge of product traceability within the supply chain.

BSI Identify are using a Unique digital Identification service that uses Digital Object Identifier (DOI) technology to provide manufacturers with a single place to add and maintain their product information, in real time. 

Pert Caplehorn, Chief Executive of the Construction Product Association, and Dan Rossiter, Senior Lead Built Environment at BSI, were interviewed about BSI Identify. Peter Caplehorn explained why there is a need for this development:

“We need to know what products are specified: whether they cone together to form regulatory compliance; and whether they perform effectively. From the start of the design through procurement, everyone whoever gets involved with a product on the site has to know exactly what they’re dealing with, so it can be sourced, installed, maintained and replaced correctly.”

Dan Rossiter, explains how BSI Identify works; “it enables unambiguous identification and, through this identification, easy access to product information. By having access to the UPIN, either via reading it directly or scanning it via QR/RFID etc, anyone can access the information relating to that product. Tis results in open access via the UPIN, but maintains a level of control as what information is made available is managed by the manufacturer.”

Read the full interview here »

BSI stipulate 4 steps that need to be taken in order to accurately trace and maintain product identification and information, these include:
  1. Manufacturers receive a digital object identifier called a BSI UPIN for every product that’s specified and incorporated in a building structure.
  2. BSI Identify holds these UPINs in a registry.
  3. Manufacturer marks, or tags the products with the UPIN, such as using QR codes.
  4. BSI UPIN acts as a smart link that can signpost users to a page, controlled by the manufacturer, where they can find the most up-to-date information on a product.

Find out more about how BSI Identify works and test a live version here »

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