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Consultation Open for Gas Safety (Management) Regulations 1996 (GSMR)

There are 2 weeks left to submit responses for the Consultation of GSMR - closing date is 21st March 2022.

GSMR covers four main areas:

  1. the safe management of gas flow through a network, particularly those parts supplying domestic consumers, and a duty to minimise the risk of a gas supply emergency
  2. arrangements for dealing with supply emergencies
  3. arrangements for dealing with reported gas escapes and gas incidents
  4. gas composition

These regulations apply to the conveyance of natural gas (methane) through pipes to domestic, commercial and industrial consumers. 

HSE are seeking views of interested parties on the amendments proposed within this consultation, which include; gas quality, gas interchangeability, oxygen content in gas distribution networks, pipelines conveying biomethane and the gas network, co-operation duties and the gas emergency telephone service. 

Provide your views through the online survey. This consultation is open until 21st March 2022. 

Access the consultation here »

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