Working at Height and the Safe Use of Fall Prevention Equipment


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In the UK, falls from height still account for one of the five main fatal accident types. This is for both national statistics and in particular, for the Construction sector. It’s important that all personnel considering working at height have received suitable and sufficient training and are able to plan their work with the required knowledge and attention to detail. This course covers the two main sections of the legal responsibilities; for employers and employees. For those working at height, this course provides you with the knowledge to identify and use the correct equipment, which should be used with respect to risks and hazards posed by the work and site environment.

This Working at Height course will provide you with the ability to assess potential risks and hazards, through risk assessments and, where appropriate, through dynamic risk assessments. It will also give you the ability to identify both actions and responsibilities, as well as individual limitations and when additional support and expertise may be required.

This course should be attended if you plan to work at height, to ensure you know how to plan the work competently and safely, keeping health and safety at the for front of your work.

Legal: HASWA etc Act 1974, Working at Height Regulations 2005, INDG 401 (REV2 1/14), Use of ladders and steps INDG 455, and Basic understanding of risks of working at height.

These additional pamphlets and regulations should provide you with the ability to gain a basic understanding of the risks of working at height. They will cover; risk assessments, judging your own competency and that of those around you, evolution of site set-up, roles and responsibilities associated with your job/task, the clients and contractors and choice of PPE and how to use it.

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Course Overview

This one-day working at height course provides comprehensive theoretical and practical understanding of the legal and working practices involved when planning working at height activities. 

The day will start with the legal and technical overview. This will then lead into the practicalities of undertaking a suitable and sufficient risk assessment, prior to any work being undertaken on the site. 

The practical understanding, use of equipment and any associated PPE should give you the confidence to identify the correct equipment for the task. But it should equally give you the confidence to ask the right questions of site activities where they are unfamiliar to you, or where you require additional information to undertake the task.

This course should give you the ability to understand when you have reached your limitations and when more specialist information/support may be required. 

At the end of this course you will be assessed through a short multiple choice test and once successfully completed you will be awarded CHSG certification. 


All training is conducted at our John Ryder Training Centre in Chertsey. Center opening hours are 8am to 5.30pm, the course commences at 9am and finish at approx 5pm , unless otherwise stated in the joining instructions. Refreshments are included on all courses (lunch is included on full day courses only). 

If you are travelling by road, Chertsey is served by both the M3 and M25. No parking is permitted on the grounds of the Centre, but there is sufficient free parking in and around Chertsey, all within walking distance of the John Ryder Training Centre. 

For those that use public transport, Chertsey if served by a good service from Waterloo, changing at Staines, Weybridge or Virginia Water for the Chertsey line. The station is approximately ten minutes walk from the Centre. 

If you are attending a two day course and require overnight accommodation, a local hotel list is available upon request. 

Included here is a Google Map of the location.