Construction Fire Risk Assessment Course


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The course is a specialist five-day course, undertaken on a frequency of one day per week. The course has been developed to increase the competency (knowledge, experience, qualifications and behaviour) to undertake a suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment – FRA at Level 2.

The course will build upon the knowledge and understanding of fire in construction and enhance the technical skills of the delegate, who already has a working knowledge of the industry and aims to ensure that they use all of these competencies to think as a “fire risk assessor” and review their site with respect to Life Safety.

The course has been developed with both a strong technical and practical basis, so that the delegate will be expected to be interactive with other attendees, to join in with case study work and to undertake personal study each week.

The course includes homework after each day’s session and the delegate is given the opportunity at the start of each course day to review the work covered in the previous week and to request any additional clarification resulting from this. It is important that the delegate uses the forum to engage and work through any questions or associated issues with the course.

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Course Aims

Day 1

  • A general introduction to the course including format, content, an agreement with the course delegates, with respect to course rules.
  • Delegates will also receive the delegate packs, that include presentations and the RRFSO, HSE 168 and the JCOP. The folder will then be added to each week with additional materials and case studies, exercises, draft documents and useful lists and reference documentation plus the daily homework, so that by the end of the course, the folder should be a useful aide memoir
  • To recognise the importance of fire safety management during construction projects and to understand the specific legislation linked to the management and control of fire during construction related activities.
  • To understand the legal requirements for undertaking a suitable and sufficient FRA
  • To understand the characteristics and science behind combustion and how this correlates, to construction activities and use of materials applied during construction
  • To be able to utilize where required the various ACOPs and guidance documents
  • To focus on developing the skills for the first stages of a construction FRA.

Day 2

  • To be able to identify safe working practices on site, at whatever stage of Construction.
  • To be able to clearly understand the importance of protecting Life Safety on Construction Sites
  • To be able to identify good working practices, that will at all stages of Construction, impact on life safety on site, with respect to common working activities.
  • To be able to identify and communicate both poor working practices on site and be able to communicate these in a way that provides clear understanding the required opportunity to improve. This will include site security and safety particularly related to arson and other internal and external related site concerns.
  • To clearly understand the roles and responsibilities of a Fire Risk Assessor.
  • To also be able to clearly identify the FRA’S areas of expertise, but also to be clear where the limitations are and how to positively identify and communicate these.

Day 3

  • To be able to use checklists and pro-forma documents to undertake FRA reviews in and around Construction sites
  • To understand how to use the “Basic Steps of Risk Assessment” to complete a FRA
  • To understand how to identify the Active and Passive fire prevention requirements to protect Life safety on Construction sites.
  • To be able to define the different Construction stages on sites and be able to identify the RIBA stages and how these correlate, with your FRA
  • To be able to use the varied legal documentation e.g., RRFSO 2005, article 9, PAS 79, Draft Fire safety Bill etc.
  • To clearly identify weaknesses in the FRA process. To clarify what is a paperwork exercise, and what constitutes a meaningful and well received effective and useful FRA document, meeting the requirements of the terms – “Suitable and Sufficient”.

Day 4

  • To be able to use PAS 79 along with checklists and other pro forma documents to undertake suitable and sufficient fire risk assessments. Given some very real case study scenarios.
  • To understand how suitable and sufficient fire risk assessments include clear and effective communication between all parties involved with the FRA process.
  • To be able to have built upon your knowledge and experience in the industry to understand fully the FRA process.
  • To be able to utilize the appropriate Legal Regulations, ACOP’s, British Standards and other guidance and also the forthcoming draft regulations.
  • To clearly understand your roles and responsibilities and to be able to translate this competence into a useful, legally acceptable, respected and effective working document.
  • To understand your limitations and any knowledge gaps identified during a FRA and to suggest how these can be supported going forwards both internally and externally to your business.

Day 5

  • One A5 exam booklet that will contain 5 questions that will require written answers.
  • 20 multiple choice question paper
  • An assessable FRA using case studies.
The successful delegate will need to pass each of the three subsections and must achieve a score of 60% for each subsection. These scores will then be aggregated to produce a final score.

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23rd & 24th & 30th August & 6th & 7th September 2022, 21st & 27th September and 3rd & 12th & 18th October, 14th & 22nd & 30th November and 5th & 12 December