Fire Risk Management – Basic Fire Course

This course is to increase the knowledge of the Fire Warden/Marshall, to be able to run the team and understand the roles and responsibilities further with respect to understanding fire prevention and fire safety requirements on site, both within and about buildings under construction.

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Course Aims

To understand the basic principles of fire and fire spread. To be able to apply these to how floor plates are divided up for each Fire Warden/Marshall to undertake their roles and responsibilities

The degree of complexity of content for an individual on returning to the workplace may vary depending upon the nature of the site, which includes its overall size. By the end of the course the delegate should be able :

  • To understand the law regarding fire safety and enforcement on Construction sites
  • To have a greater awareness of fire hazards on site
  • To understand how fire can spread through a building during certain stages of Construction
  • To understand the basic effects of a fire on a building structure
  • To understand compartmentation, fire doors and how compartmentation can be breached.
  • To understand fire detection, suppression systems and emergency lighting both in a temporary and a permanent format
  • To understand the safe storage and handling of flammable materials
  • To highlight the importance of a Fire Safety Framework/Strategy and the Management of the same – including site security, waste control etc
  • To identify specific fire safety issues in High Rise Construction
  • To manage effective response of the emergency Services
  • To understand the basic principles of a Fire Risk Assessment and be able to undertake the required actions as detailed by your team leaders.

After a fire evacuation run the post evacuation review and feedback any learning points to the management team.

Course Test

At the end of the course the delegate will need to successfully complete a 10 question multiple choice paper and achieve a 70% pass rate.


All classroom courses are held at our John Ryder Training Centre, in Chertsey, Surrey. Please ensure you read our joining instructions before attending any courses.