Fire Safety Co-Ordinator Course

This course is designed to enable the Fire safety Co-Ordinator to have a greater understanding of Fire Prevention and Fire Safety Requirements within and about the buildings under construction.

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Course Objectives

  • To understand the Basic Principals of fire and fire spread
  • To understand the law regarding fire safety and enforcement on Construction sites.
  • To understand the forthcoming role of the HSE v BSR
  • To have a greater awareness of fire hazards on site
  • To understand how fire can spread through a building during certain stages of Construction
  • To understand the effects of a fire on the building structure
  • To understand compartmentation, fire doors and how compartmentation can be breached during construction/ fit-out and refurbishment works.
  • To understand fire detection, suppression systems and emergency lighting. Both in the temporary and permanent stages of the construction build.

Aims of the Course

  • Describe the role of the Fire safety Co-Ordinator
  • Outline the need to pre-plan fire safety arrangements
  • Outline the contents of the Construction Phase Plan
  • Identify the need to produce and review FRA’s
  • Outline specific management responsibilities for high fire risk activities
  • Overview a fire logbook
  • Produce a fire safety inspection checklist
  • Define the effective emergency planning arrangements
  • Explain the need for regular fire evacuation practices.