Fire Warden/Fire Marshall

This course is designed to enable employees to have a greater understanding of Fire Prevention and Fire safety requirements within and about buildings as part of their role as Fire Wardens/Fire Marshalls.

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Aims of the Course

  • To refresh the basic principals of fire
  • To have a greater awareness of fire hazards
  • To understand how fire can spread through a building
  • To understand compartmentation, fire doors, and how compartmentation can be breached
  • How to identify the correct location for fire extinguishers
  • To identify the correct location of the call points ( as/where appropriate)
  • How to gain a working knowledge of a) a small building and b) a larger floor plate and the roles and responsibilities associated.
  • To identify “specific” persons at risk and how these people must be cared for in the event of a fire.
  • Understand the use of refuges and the additional systems and procedures that must be in place.
  • To confirm the hours of use in the building – is it purely a daytime role or are there night fire warden/ marshall duties too
  • To understand your duties as a Fire Warden /Marshall in the event of a fire.

Test at the end of the course

There is a short multiple choice test paper to reinforce the learning points of the course – the pass rate is 70%.