Hot Works Appointed Person

This course is designed to enable the person to issue a hot works permit to site contractors/sub- contractors. The person must be able to prove sufficient knowledge of hot works management, a practical understanding of the job and the ability to identify all of the required fire safety hazards and risks associated with the role. They must also have the confidence to be able to question the permit requestor and to be able to confirm or reject the request for the hot works permit.

They should have a good working knowledge of the permit to works system either with respect to generic systems and /or the employers bespoke system.

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Aims of the Course

  • To ensure the delegates understand the requirements of the fire plan.
  • Have a good working knowledge of the permit to work system and in particular hot works permits.
  • Ensure that permits are requested in advance, so that all work can be checked for clash/sequencing and safe working practices in the whole area of the hot works
  • To be able to check and evaluate method statements and risk assessments that the permit requestor will provide ahead of the required permit
  • Ensure that all of the relevant information has been correctly reviewed and discussed by both parties:
  • Confirmation that a hot works permit is necessary
  • Competence of the individuals and the competency of the hot works permit acceptor.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation
  • Extinguishers and blankets are available
  • Fire watch and defined periods are designated
  • Flammable fuel storage both in the working area and vicinity of the hot works is suitable and sufficient
  • Gas cylinders are positioned away from any burners
  • Confirmation that all delegates understand the authorization procedure for a hot works permit.
  • Once signed off confirm the frequency of monitoring throughout the permit period and those responsible
  • Ensure the permit is closed out at the end of the shift or within the time frame detailed on the permit.
  • If any work overruns, the permit must be reviewed and re-issued to accommodate the change in time. Likewise, if the permit signatories change then the permit must be re-issued accordingly.
  • Hot works permits must be closely monitored for conformance, throughout the permit time frame
  • The procedure to deal with any permit violations must be clearly understood and must be activated.

The clear line of management roles and responsibilities with respect to permit violations must be clearly known and staff supported in all cases to action accordingly.