CSCS cards have gone virtual!

CSCS has launched their virtual card, giving you instant access to your certification through an app.

The virtual CSCS cards are stored on a smart device, such as your phone or a tablet. Instead of carrying around your card in your wallet or pocket, with the risk of losing it on site, you can instantly access your training and qualifications record through the app. 

The app is completely free and your credentials are immediately available as soon as your CSCS card application has been approved.  This makes it easy for Site Managers to read the information on your virtual card using the Go Smart app.

To access your virtual CSCS card you simply need to download the My CSCS app and sign in using your online CSCS account details. 

If you don’t have an online account, you can download the app and follow the provided steps to set up an account. Your account will link to your current CSCS card, so once you’ve set up set it up your virtual CSCS card will appear in your My CSCS app. 

The My CSCS app allows you to:

  • manage your personal details
  • find out which CSCS card you can apply for
  • communicate with our customer service team

Find our more about the CSCS virtual card and the My CSCS app from the CSCS website. 

CSCS app

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