HSE Digital MAC, ART and RAPP Tools

HSE's digital MAC, ART and RAPP Tools are available for employers, safety representatives and assessors to use now.

HSE have released digital versions of the Manual Handling Assessment Charts (MAC), Assesment of Repetitive Tasks (ART), and Risk Assessment of Pushing and Pulling (RAPP) as part of their latest Musculoskeletal Disorders assessment guides range. The digitisation of these vital assessment documents is designed to simplify the process of completing each assessment, by providing a logical step-by-step approach, thereby saving the assessor’s time. 

Employers and safety representatives can use these tools to asses the risk posed by physical and strenuous activities. The assessor will be bale to understand, interpret, categorise and communicate the level of risk, before identifying how to prevent or manage the risk, by using these tools. 

These digital tools are now accessible on the HSE website. Follow the relevant links below.

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