Energy Savers Week

Energy Savers Week Aims to Show Small Changes Make Big Savings

The 15th to 21st January is #EnergySaversWeek, and to start things off we’ve got five handy tips from Citizens Advice and Energy Saving Trust – small changes that you can make at home or at work that will save not only energy, but money.


Turn down your thermostat by 1°C and save around £105 a year on energy bills.

But to keep comfortable and stay safe we recommend staying above 18°C


Switch your heating off when leaving the house for a few hours

It’s cheaper to reheat your home than keep your heating on low when you’re out, unless you own a heat pump


Fit draught-proofing strips to your windows and doors and save around £45 a year

This can be a quick DIY job. Keeping extra heat in your home will leave you feeling warmer and more comfortable


Get a hot water cylinder jacket and save roughly £50 a year on energy bills

Jackets are easy to fit, typically cost under £30, and you’ll also spend less on a hot shower or bath in the future


Keep furniture away from radiators and heaters to feel warmer at home

Don’t overwork your system by blocking your source of heat and remember to remove radiator covers to get more value for money

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