Fire Prevention on Construction Sites – Joint Code of Practice Version 10.1 Released

Fire Prevention on Construction Sites – Joint Code of Practice version 10.1 was published in January 2023 by the Fire Protection Association.

Key Changes

First published in 1992 with the intention of preventing fires on construction sites, the amendment 1 revision takes into account long-standing risks such as hot works continue to be addressed, but also modern construction practises and material usage.

The code applies to all construction sites and its supply chain; works such as:

  • renovation
  • demolition refurbishment
  • repair work
  • alterations
  • fittings
  • civil engineering works

If compliance with this Code forms part of the insurance contract, non-compliance with this Code could possibly result in insurance ceasing to be available or being withdrawn, resulting in a possible breach of a construction contract which requires the provision of such insurance.

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