Who We Are

The Construction Health and Safety Group (CHSG) was formed in 1952 and is a company limited by guarantee, with charitable status.

This means that providing quality training along with a diverse range of charitable support and development for the Construction and Associated Industries is central to our ethos.

CHSG Charitable Status

What Does our Charitable Status Mean?

On 15th September 1981, the Construction Health and Safety Group (CHSG) received charitable status, meaning the Group actively works with organisations to support individuals from within and outside the Construction Industry, helping to build a better future. 

As a recognised and respected provider of quality training and support to the Construction and Associated Industries, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to develop industry-specific training and extend knowledge and learning acorss the whole industry. This is where the CHSG Fire Safety Academy® comes in. 

The CHSG Fire Safety Academy® has been developed due to a growing need for fire safety training courses within the Construction and Associated Industries. With the help of industry professionals, we are building coherent strategies to raise the level of competence in industry through our specialised training provision. It is our charitable status that has enabled CHSG to dedicate so much time and so many resources to successfully develop this Academy.

Alongside developing health and safety training, as a charity, we contribute to community and construction-specific projects and support industry helplines, charities and individuals.

Our Training Provision

Fire Safety Training

Explore our range of Fire Safety Courses specifically developed for the Construction and Associated Industries. 

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Learning Through Virtual Reality

Discover how we incorporate immersive virtual reality into some of our training.

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Fire Safety Resources

Find a wide range of fire safety resources designed to enhance learning and expand knowledge.

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We are still the Construction Health & Safety Group offering our full range of construction health and safety training courses