Fire Safety Reform Changes Come Into Force 1st October 2023

Section 156 of the Building Safety 2022 (BSA) makes a number of amendments to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (FSO) to improve fire safety in all buildings regulated by the FSO. The changes, which come into force on 1st October 2023. The following of which are new responsibilities for the Responsible Person:

  • To record their fire risk assessment in full
  • To record the identity of the individual engaging them to undertake and/or review a fire risk assessment
  • To record their fire safety arrangements
  • To record their contact information, including a UK based address, and share this with other Responsible Persons and residents of multi-occupied residential premises where applicable
  • To take reasonably practicable steps to ascertain the existence of other Responsible Persons and, where applicable, Accountable Persons 
  • For a departing Responsible Person to share all “relevant fire safety information” with the new Responsible Person
  • In a building containing two or more sets of domestic premises to provide residents with relevant fire safety information in a format that is easily understood by the residents


  • An increase in the level of fines for various failings with respect to the legal requirements
  • A new legal provision that in court proceedings for alleged breaches of the Fire Safety Order, compliance with or deviation from guidance issued under Article 50 may be relied upon as tending to establish whether or not there was a breach of the Fire Safety Order
  • New legal obligation not to appoint someone to assist them with the undertaking of a fire risk assessment unless that person is competent. This will not be brought into force on 1st October as work is still underway with the sector to develop a suitable implementation plan.

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