HSE 2020/21 Health & Safety Statistics Have Been Released

HSE have released their 2020/21 health and safety statistics overall for Great Britain and also specifically for the Construction Industry.

Within Construction, 74,000 workers suffered from work-related ill health within the last year, 54% was musculoskeletal disorders and 27% of all ill health within this sector are for cases of work-related stress, depression and anxiety. 

2020/21 saw 39 fatal injuries, 50% of which were falls from height. 

You can read the whole report from HSE by clicking the link below. This information is specific to the Construction Industry, but you can access the full report across all industries on HSE’s website, or read the report focused on other sectors. 

HSE has been releasing tools and toolkits throughout the year, including a Digital Musculoskeletal Assessment tool, Safety Climate Tool, alongside Working Minds Campaign. 

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