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HSE Launch National Population Database Digital Tool

HSE's National Population Database (NPD) can gauge the population of any GB location at any given time.

Minimise the irks to the general public, your employees and your asset with HSE’s NPD digital tool. This tool provided you with the most accurate data available of either a specific location in GB or of GB as a whole. 

The NPD is an invaluable risk management tool for businesses across GB, and can be used to assess the risk to people from major hazards, in order to:

  • minimise the risk associated with major building works of infrastructure upgrades by construction or utilities companies
  • enable telecoms providers to optimally position mobile communications masts, thereby ensuring maximum coverage in any given location. 
  • provide traffic management modelling capabilities fro transport companies (find out how Department for Transport used HSE’s NPD)
  • give businesses confidence in their emergency resilience or disaster recovery planning

The NPD’s dataset is trusted by government and used as part of the government’s ‘Resilience Direct’ platform – providing real time data to emergency services. 

Find out more about the NPD and how to try this digital tool for free by visiting the Solutions from HSE website. 

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