HSE Raises Potential American Standard PPE Issue

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has flagged a potential issue regarding the testing of boots to an American Standard; ASTM F2412-18A. 

What is the Issue?

This standard has not been tested in a wide environment, and may mislead the wearer that the footwear is protective in certain scenarios but they are untested. 

These include:

  • Live electrical working – exposure to currents of 600V alternating current (AC) or above
  • Direct current (DC) voltages
  • Wet or damp environments  – the footwear cannot be deemed waterproof
  • If the sole of the footwear is penetrated by a sharp object and is then exposed to electrical current
  • The upper of the footwear is not tested, and may prove less effective when in areas of “earthing” are not possible, for example, soft loose soil or ladders 

What Can I Do?

  • Check the footwear has a 4-digit number next to the UKCA/CE mark – this identifies the body responsible for testing the product
  • Check the Declaration of Conformity to ensure the footwear has been subjected to the correct testing applicable to Category III PPE.
  • Check any PPE footwear provides to workers is compliant

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