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HSE’s Working Minds Campaign

HSE have launched their Working Minds Campaign, aimed at bringing about a culture change across Britain's workplaces.


As an employer, are you aware of your legal responsibilities when it comes to your workforce and stress?

The number one cause of employee sickness absence is work-related stress, which includes factors such as; tight deadlines, too much responsibility, lack of managerial support. 

The Working Minds campaign raises awareness about how to recognise and respond to the signs of stress, taking a particular focus on Make it Routine by Reaching out, Recognising, Responding and Reflecting. It also reminds employers of their legal duty to protect workers and support good mental health in the workplace.

Sarah Albon, Chief Executive of The Health and Safety Executive launched this campaign at the HSE Health and Work Conference. 

Partner organisations working alongside HSE include; Mind, Acas, Mates in Mind, Civil Engineering Contractors Association, Composites UK, the Homecare Association, the Farm Safety Foundation and Lifelines Scotland. 

Aimed specifically at supporting small businesses, the Working Minds campaign provides employers and workers with easy to implement advice. This includes, simple steps to introduce employers to the principles of the stress management standards that directs employers to Make it Routine by Reaching out, Recognising, Responding and Reflecting. 

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