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Lighthouse launch Help Inside The Hard Hat Campaign

Lighthouse Club have launched the Help Inside the Hard Hat campaign to help raise awareness for mental health within the Construction industry.

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LHC Help Inside Hard Hat

Mental health is still an issue within the Construction industry, and whilst Mental Health Awareness Week (10th-16th May 2021) helps to raise the profile of this issue, we all need to remember to pay attention to mental health and wellbeing throughout the rest of the year.

85% of Construction workers are male and the working culture within this industry has deep roots within the traditional roles of masculinity. This means that it can be particularly difficult to share feelings and emotions within this work environment. Every working day we lose two construction workers to suicide. 

However, understanding is widening and awareness is growing. With your help you can spread the word throughout your organisation by using the free resources supplied by Lighthouse. 

What you can do

The Lighthouse Help Inside the Hard Hat campaign are providing a wide range of pro-active support and resources for the construction community. 

You can find out more about the Help Inside The Hard Hat campaign, the resources on offer and  how you can help raise awareness through their website. 

Visit Lighthouse Club website now »

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