London Fire Brigade Announce Operational Improvements Following Grenfell Inquiry

London Fire Brigade (LFB) have revealed the measures they have taken to strengthen their operations following the Grenfell Inquiry with respect to enhancing safety and response times.

Turntable Ladders

  • 64-metre high turntable ladders (TLs), an increase on the 32-metre high ladder used previously. These ladders can scale up to 23 storeys.
  • These TLs also have the provision to attach a stretcher to transport any casualties with potential spinal injuries.
  • There are currently three stationed in London: Old Kent Road, Dagenham, and Wimbledon and double as water towers when not in use.


Fire Escape Hoods

Providing filtration for up to 15 minutes against the carcinogens found in smoke, these hoods have been in use since 2019.


Drone Teams

Drones have been used since Grenfell – equipped with thermal imaging and optic cameras, they are a useful tool in challenging environments.


Upgraded Breathing Apparatus

Breathing apparatus sets have been upgraded to have a more lighter design and better cleaning capability, and also the ability to share air between firefighters.


Communication Innovations

Communication protocols have also been transformed by the introduction of the Fire Survival Guidance (FSG) app and advanced radios, linking ground and control room personnel together as well as with other emergency services for a more seamless approach.

Modernised command units have also been introduced, enabling improved co-ordination around decision making should there be a critical incident.


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