Men’s Health Week (14th-20th June)

Men's Health Week this year focuses on Mental Health in a Covid World: How do we move forwards?

85% of the workforce in construction are male and every working day we lose 2 construction workers to suicide. Mental health is still a prominent issue within this industry, but awareness is growing and support is available. 

Men’s Health Week this year is focused on living in a Covid World and the impact this pandemic has had mental health.

During the past year, everyone’s mental health will have been challenged in one way or another, and as we now emerge from the pandemic, and restrictions are slowly eased, this can often lead to feelings or anxiousness and stress. It’s important that we all think about our own mental health and wellbeing, and that of those around us, as we adjust to life in a Covid World. 

Men’s Health Forum have set up three campaigns for Men’s Health Week, these include:

The CAN DO Challenge

This five ways to wellbeing challenge is an easy way to take fairly simple and straight forward steps, that won’t prove too much of a challenge to fit into a busy working week, to help make a difference to your own mental health and wellbeing. Simply try a different step each day and after five days, pick the steps you found most effective and continue applying them to your everyday. 

The five steps include:

  • Connect – connect with other people (eg. call an old friend you haven’t since before lockdown) #connectmonday
  • (Be) Active – move your body (eg. go for a run/walk/swim/dance/etc) #activetuesday
  • Notice – take notice of the environment around you (eg. turn off your phone for an hour) #noticewednesday
  • Discover – learn something new (eg. read a book you haven’t read before) #discoverthursday
  • Offer (or give) – do something for someone else (eg. volunteer for a local community group) #offerfriday

Find out more here.

Let's All Talk

The Let’s All Talk aspect of the Men’s Health Week Campaign is to try and encourage men to talk about how they are feeling. In light of the Covid pandemic, lives have been turned upside down and faced changes that will impact future decisions and options. 

In 2019, there were 5, 691 suicides in the UK, three quarters of which were men. It’s very clear that mental health is a more challenging issue amongst men and a key element required for change is improved communication. By opening up and talking about how you feel, either to a loved one, friend or professional you can help understand and make positive changes to your mental health.

Find out more on the Men’s Health Forum.

Men's Health Strategy

Men’s Health Forum have launched a petition for the Government to launch a Men’s Health Strategy. You can find out more here.

Remember, HSE have launched their new Stress Talking Toolkit, specifically for the Construction Sector, which builds on the existing industry initiatives set up to promote positive mental health and support those in need, and is a key part of a wider approach to manage mental health on construction sites. 

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