Building Safety

New British Standard BS 99001:2022

BSI have introduced the new standard, BS99001:2022 - Built Environment Quality Management.

BSI have introduced the new standard BS99001:2022 – Built Environment Quality Management. This new standard foregrounds specific requirements for the built environment sector which are being developed to support the industry and demonstrate a further commitment to raising quality in the sector. It is not a replacement to BS9000, but an enhancement and its requirements are in addition to the requirements of BS9000:2015.

BS9001:2022 has been written for the whole sector, covering; structural engineers, skilled tradespeople (e.g. bricklayers, carpenters and roofers) project managers, raw material suppliers (cement, concrete, timber etc) and surveyors. It takes into account decommissioning and recycling experts, and manufacturers who prefabricate for the industry.

The advantage of this standard is that it supplies a tool that everyone can engage with it, to achieve sector-wide improvements in the fundamental suitability, safety and durability of built assets.

You can purchase both standards or if you have a copy of BS9000:2015 you can just buy the additional “top-up” – all are available from BSI.

This standard is bound to impact not only site activities, systems and procedures etc, but also training going forwards.

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