New Courses for 2020

CISRS Scaffolding Awareness Training Course

This one-day CISRS Scaffolding  Awareness Training course is designed to provide those who use scaffolding as part of their work or site management personnel who have responsibilities for scaffolding operations, with a detailed introduction to scaffolding best practice and guidance.

You will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the potential dangers of working at height on scaffolds, which will enable you to identify the core components of a safe scaffold.

The course will cover the following topics; Legal Overview, Industry Standards, Overview of Scaffolding, Working on Platforms, Duties & Loading, Foundations, Ties & Stability, Access & Egress, Inspection & Handover, Designed Scaffolding, Protection of the Public, and Training & Competence.

scaffolding Inspection on-site

New Courses for 2019

BS 5975: 2019 CHSG Booklet

The Group is pleased to announce that we have developed a new half day training course entitled BS 5975: 2019 Code of Practice for Temporary Works Procedures Update Course. 

This half day course will cover the key changes to the BS 5975: 2019 including far more detail on control measures and organizational arrangements.  A fuller explanation of the key roles, duties and appointment arrangements.  The new sections including the control of risks and finally much more detail with respect to designers’ duties and procedures, including each type of designer. 

The latest version brings this standard up to date with CDM 2015 and explains in far more detail the procedures for a wide range of organisations and contractual arrangements, all of which will be covered in this session.

The course will cover the following topic areas:
  • Key Changes 
  • Definition of TW 
  • General Principles 
  • Site considerations 
  • Procedures 
  • Organisations/Project Arrangements
  • Key Roles: DI, TWC and TWS 
  • Design Suppliers/Manufacturers.

In the UK, falls from height still account for one of the five main fatal accident types. This is for both national statistics and in particular, for the Construction sector. It’s important that all personnel considering working at height have received suitable and sufficient training and are able to plan their work with the required knowledge and attention to detail. This course covers the two main sections of the legal responsibilities; for employers and employees. For those working at height, this course provides you with the knowledge to identify and use the correct equipment, which should be used with respect to risks and hazards posed by the work and site environment.

This Working at Height course will provide you with the ability to assess potential risks and hazards, through risk assessments and, where appropriate, through dynamic risk assessments. It will also give you the ability to identify both actions and responsibilities, as well as individual limitations and when additional support and expertise may be required.

This course should be attended if you plan to work at height, to ensure you know how to plan the work competently and safely, keeping health and safety at the for front of your work.

This half day COSHH course covers both theoretical and practical training. This includes how to assess and undertake a COSHH risk assessment whilst taking into account all of the other documentation and information available. You will look at both everyday products an more hazardous compounds and substances. The course will also identify the importance of assessing both the items that you and others may bring onto your site/premises and what others will have delivered and use on your site.

The COSHH Awareness Course will give you an understanding of related legislation such as; HASWA 1974, COSHH Regulations (1988) amended 2002, EH40 (2005 Workplace Exposure Limits – WEL), Personal Protective Equipment Regulations (1992) and COSH – a brief guide (indigo 136 – Rev 5) – a downloadable pamphlet.

This COSHH Awareness course will cover the following topic areas:

  • Legal responsibilities: HASWA etc ACT 1974
  • COSHH Regulations – 1988 amended 2002
  • EH40 2005
  • COSHH symbols
  • PPE regulations 1992
  • COSHH a Brief Guide – HSE document downloadable from the HSE website Indg136 Rev 5
scaffolding Inspection on-site

CHSG is pleased to announce that we have commissioned a new one-day course within our suite of Scaffold Inspection courses, entitled “TG20 and Beyond”. This course is intended for those who have the duty to sign Handover Certificates for designed scaffolds, such as Temporary Works Co-ordinators. 

It is particularly relevant to those who have passed the CISCRS TG20:13 Basic Scaffold Course and now wish to have a deeper knowledge. Employers may also wish to endorse other categories of experienced staff. The extensive course content should enable delegates to understand more about scaffold structures, including complex scaffolds and to recognise a wide range of defects and scaffold design issues to be in a position to competently discuss them with the scaffold company and their designers. 

Joining Criteria:

One of the following pre-requisites is required:

  1. The individual has worked in one of these roles for over two years, and a CV together with a letter from the employer to confirm awareness gained from the role: 
    • Scaffold designer
    • Contracts and Project Manager
    • Engineer
    • Site Agent/Manager
    • H & S Manager
    • TWC
  2. Or, have attended the three-day CISRS Basic Scaffold Inspection Course.

The one-day course will cover the following:

  • TG20 Compliant configurations
  • Basic scaffold requirements
  • More complex designed applications
  • BS5975 Temporary Works Procedures
  • Scaffold guidance documents – Fault finding/scaffold failures
  • Loads/forces in components
  • Wind force factors
  • Ground conditions/foundations
  • Scaffold Anchors – selection and testing
  • Key Applications:
    • Temporary roofs – Shoring structures
    • Staircases, Loading Towers and Beams
  • Reading and evaluating drawings
  • Checking more complex scaffolds

CHSG are pleased to announce the launch of an entirely new training course based on Formwork and Falsework. It is our belief that there is a gap in the market for a short course that can provide much needed information and guidance on the wide range of applications that come within this subject.

We have commissioned one of the leading experts in the field to develop and deliver the programme, who has held a senior management position in the leading manufacturing and suppliers, and has travelled widely.

The one-day course will cover the following:

  • Overview of Formwork & Falsework Products and applications
  • Ancillary Formwork products
  • Key UK Suppliers
  • Selection Criteria for different systems
  • Design and Technical Information
  • Typical Design Brief
  • Design Checking
  • TW Procedures (BS5975:2019)