New Ladder Safety Guidance Webinar – 15th July 2021

The Ladder Association has joined forces with HSE to release two new ladder safety guidance documents.

These new documents will be introduced at the live webinar on Thursday 15th July at 10:30am

During this webinar the new guidance will be introduced and the hosts will walk you through the key steps to preventing ladder accidents in the workplace, which includes how to select (and maintain) safe equipment and ensure all workers are competent.

According to HSE’s most recent statistic from the Construction Industry, 47% of deaths in Construction are due to falls from height. This highlights the prominence of the issue and why this free 90 minute session is invaluable for anyone responsible for the safety of ladder users, including; safety professionals, site managers, company directors and users themselves. 

You can find out more on using ladders safely on the HSE website.


Ladder Safety Today: New Guidance For Employers

Thursday 15th July

10:30AM UK Time


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