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October Respiratory Health Site Inspection Initiative By HSE

A month long inspection initiative led by HSE will focus on respiratory health and risks, starting from Monday 4th October and running until Friday 29th October 2021.

This respiratory health initiative is specific to Construction and will look at the control measures businesses have in place to protect their workers’ lungs from construction dust including; silica, asbestos and wood dust.

Find out more about the HSE inspections and initiative here »

HSE’s WorkRight Campaign is supporting this initiative by raising awareness and influencing employer behaviour by encouraging employers and workers to download free guidance and advice and increasing knowledge and capability to protect workers’ health. 

Find out more about the WorkRight Campaign and free resources here »

Health In Construction Leadership Group (HCLG) and Tier 1 contractors are continuing to support HSE’s initiative. HCLG are carrying out their own parallel and complementary lung health initiative amongst their members. This will include  conducting over 1000 site visits to assess the effectiveness of measures in place to control workers’ exposure to respiratory risks from dust. 

Find out more about Health In Construction Leadership Group and their initiatives here »



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