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Effective management of scaffolding to BS 5975: 2019 (TWf2020: 01, September 2020)

Effective management of scaffolding to BS 5975:2019 (TWf2020: 01 September 2020)

This guide applies to organisations and individuals involved in specifying, procuring, designing, constructing and managing scaffold.

New guidance on the “Effective management of scaffolding to BS 5975: 2019” (Document: TWf2020: 01, September 2020) has been published by the Temporary Works Forum (TWF).

This guide provides advice on the temporary works management procedures required and highlights the need for all those involved to understand the roles, responsibilities and procedures from concept all the way through to inspection and removal. 

Scaffolding needs to be managed effectively as it is an important item of temporary works.

CHSG welcomes this new comprehensive document and will be referencing it in our temporary works courses going forwards. 

Hoardings - A guide to good practice

Although hoardings are common features and despite them being a temporary structure, their design must be commensurate with their complexity. Their size, height and their loadings on site, often require engineering design/judgement. Sadly there are many incidents recorded where the collapse of such structures have led to severe injury or death.

Hoardings - A guide to good practice (TWf2012: 01 August 2020)

The Hoardings document ( “Hoardings – A guide to good practice”) was originally published in October 2012, but was recently revised and re-published in August 2020. This is another very useful TWF publication.

These two publications are excellent sources of guidance, information and advice and we are reviewing our Temporary Works courses to ensure that information and references to these two documents are included as/where appropriate.

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