Fire Door 2

Tempus Temporary Fire Door

Last year, Selo fitted one of their new Tempus Temporary Fire Doors at our John Ryder Training Centre in Chertsey.

The Tempus fire door is made from heavy duty steel with a mineral wool core.

These doors are designed to withstand the rigours of a construction site, whilst maintaining fire compliance throughout, raising the potential of fire door re-use and the opportunity to reduce waste and cost

All the parts of the Tempus door are modular and robust, so can be easily replaced on site, if required. You can find out more about how the doors work and their modular design here » 

Selo have created a few videos that showcase the design and performance of the Tempus Temporary Fire Doors.

Find out the issues with timber doors and how the Tempus doors differ »

Discover Bricket Road case study»

Read another case study »

Visit Selo’s website to find out more »

When you’re next at our training centre in Chertsey, come and see the fire door for yourself. You can read more information in the booklet provided by Selo.

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