Third Edition of Controlling Noise At Work (L108) Published

Focusing on the employer and duty holder, this revised edition includes detailed advice on assessing risks, the latest Control of Noise at Work Regulations and it sets out the legal obligations of the employer and duty holders.

Since many people are exposed to harmful levels of noise at work, it’s important to understand the risks, how to assess and manage these risks and the legal obligations of the employer in these situations. this revision of the Controlling Noise at Work publication includes the latest Control of Noise at Work Regulations, alongside guidance on what they mean, as well as setting out an employer’s legal obligation to controlling risks to workers’ health and safety from noise. 

You can expect to find detailed advice on the following:

  • assessing risks
  • practical noise control
  • how to select and use hearing protection
  • what to consider when buying and hiring equipment
  • how to develop health surveillance procedures.

This third edition includes all the latest changes to related legislation, technical advances and experiences and places the emphasis on control and management of risks from exposure to noise. 

HSE’s policy on the control of noise has not changed.

Download Controlling Noise at Work for free as a PDF or purchase the hard copy through the HSE website here »

You can also access noise at work resources and information on HSE’s website, including a noise exposure calculator

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