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Time to Upgrade Your Skills With a CHSG Fire Safety & Risk Management Diploma

Starting in May 2023 and ran over 12 sessions through our Fire Safety Academy, the CHSG Diploma in Construction Fire Safety & Fire Risk Management is a must for those who undertake the role of Responsible Person, or who are being developed to undertake this role.

The Diploma course has been recognised by the IFSM, the IFE have confirmed it as a Recognised Educational Programme and the SQA have confirmed that it meets the academic qualification of Diploma level 10 with 50 credit points. CHSG is also an Approved Centre for the IFSM.





All units covered within this Diploma are related to the Construction Industry, and include the following:
  • Unit 1 Legal Structures and the requirement for effective Management of Fire Safety.
  • Unit 2 The Chemistry of Combustion & Principles of Explosion.
  • Unit 3 Creating, Managing and Maintaining an Effective Means of Escape.
  • Unit 4 Building Control and Enforcement Lectures – The Storage and Handling of Flammable and Explosive Materials.
  • Unit 5 Fire Safety in Temporary Accommodation Units (TAU’s) and Fire Safety in Timber Construction.
  • Unit 6 Active Fire Safety Systems – Including Fixed Fire Suppression Systems, Fire Alarm Systems and Emergency Lighting.
  • Unit 7 Accident (Fire) Causation and Theory, Accident Investigation Process and Analysis.
  • Unit 8 Presentation Skills, Preparation, Presentation and Fire Load Calculations, Fire Modelling and Building Information Modelling – BIM.
  • Unit 9 Life safety, Persons at Risk, Human Organisational Factors, Fire Alarm Psychology and Evaluating Competence.
  • Unit 10 Fire Risk Assessment
  • Unit 11 Exam Presentation
  • Unit 12 Multiple Choice and Written Exams

Diploma in Construction Fire Safety & Fire Risk Management

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