World Sleep Day Promotes Healthy Sleep, Healthy Workforce

This Friday, March 17th marks #WorldSleepDay and to recognise the day CHSG have gone back to the archives, May 2022, when Carol Setters from Predictive Safety SRP Inc. joined us for our Monthly Meeting to discuss factors contributing to fatigue and its impact on worker’s alertness, awareness, and productivity.

Carol highlighted that twice as many workdays are missed due to excessive overtime and fatigue, tying in with the awareness of this year’s theme – that sleep is essential for health.

Factors to Consider

These include differences in the working environment to the norm, shifts and rota patterns – are shifts at night, for long periods of time and not just in hours but days, are there sufficient breaks in between for example.

Much like the working environment, how is the worker’s sleep environment – are workers able to wind down and sleep comfortably, do they have good sleep hygiene and habits?

Fatigue can also be dependant on individual circumstance – how fit are workers, do they have an illness, sleep disorders for example.

She advised companies to:

• Acknowledge that fatigue is not laziness
• Correlate accidents with fatigue with data analysis
• Educate workforces on fatigue management
• Support workers in good fatigue management

See More

Members can watch the full meeting here on Vimeo or visit the Predictive Safety website  for more information.



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