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World Suicide Prevention Day – 10th September

"Creating Hope Through Action"

Suicide is preventable, which is why further awareness needs to be raised to destigmatise the subject of suicide, alongside mental health issues people may face. Within Construction, suicide is still a major issue, with two construction workers taking their own lives every day. 

Raise Awareness Today

You can raise awareness in a variety of ways that are often, quick and simple. 

3 examples of how you can raise awareness include;

  1. Open up the conversation with family, friends, employees and colleagues.
  2. Share materials on social media, your website and by putting them up in the work place.
  3. Join up with an organisation and promote their charitable activities and campaigns – they will often provide you with materials you can share, which means less time required to create the resources. 


We have collated a variety of resources you can use within your organisation to help raise awareness of suicide and mental health and wellbeing issues. These resources also include links to organisations and charities setup to provide help and support to Construction workers struggling with mental health issues. 

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